Allow yourself JOY.

joy mindset Apr 27, 2022

Pull up a seat...I got words.

For YEARS I looked in the mirror and despised what I saw. I hated my feet, my legs, my butt, my belly, my boobs, my neck, my hair, my face, my skin, my teeth, my fingernails...ALL the things. Except my wrists. I held nothing against my wrists. I stood in the mirror with not a single good thing to say. I didn't allow myself JOY in anything I was looking at.

The feet had weird toes, and painful arches.

The legs like tree trunks

The butt that was the biggest in the room.

The belly that wasn't toned like the other girls.

The boobs that GOT IN THE WAY.

The neck that sometimes doubled as a chin.

The hair that wasn't as long, cute or shiny as the other girls.

The face that didn't live up to the standard.

The skin that was blotchy and itchy.

The teeth that were crooked.

The fingernails that were never perfect like the others.

The brain that moved a million miles an hour in all directions.

I hated all of it mama. No different than the average woman. Hate may be a harsh term, but I certainly didn't treat any of it like it was loved.

I continued the bad habits. I ate the junk. I sat around too tired to do the things. I complained about the pain. I moaned about the exhaustion. I wondered WHY WAS I THIS WAY? Why am I not the skinny one, the pretty one, the one with it all together?

Been there? I bet you have. I'm not special. I'm the average girl, looking in the mirror, wishing the reflection were different....or at least I used to be.

Then it hits me. I'm not an average girl. I'M A CHILD OF THE KING. I'm a unique creation. I'm a handcrafted, one of a kind design. I'm a CUSTOM WORK OF ART. GOD DESIGNED ME TO BE WHO I AM.

Did he design me for bad eating habits, self hatred and to be "less than"? NO. He made me for more. He made me to love. He made me to give. He made me to HONOR HIM with my choices. He made me to be a reflection of HIM.

So why is it so hard to see that? WHY is it so hard to look in the mirror and see the beauty within is, the design we were gifted? Because there's a carnival mirror in between our eyes and the true mirror. A mask of sorts. We have to see through it. The mask that the devil puts there. He puts it there to see ourselves in a different light...a light of comparison to the standards of the world. The world ya''s a place filled with deceit, lies, misconception and GARBAGE. The DEVIL IS ROAMING ABOUT LIKE A LION. He's looking for his next victim. He's not tiptoeing. HE'S POWERFUL and he can easily deceive those who think he's unable. He CAN deceive you into believing the lie that what looks back in the mirror is gross...not good enough, not thin enough, not pretty enough, not "fill in the blank" enough. That somehow the KING who handcrafted you didn't put in enough effort.

The devil doesn't want you to rely on God to find your worth. He wants you to rely on a sick world to be your definition of "beautiful".

Outside of CHRIST there IS NEVER ENOUGH BEAUTIFUL. Put your focus on HIS ARTWORK and treat that body with the honor and respect that the Designer deserves.

Skin that protects you

Hair that adorns you

Feet that move you

Legs that support you

A butt with a built in cushion

A face designed with an artist's brush

A heart that loves

An unbelievable system of organs that keep you alive

A methylation system that is FASCINATING

A brain that is designed for BIG THINGS

A creative mind that can fascinate

A full set of cravings just waiting to be filled with HIM

Feed it healthy foods, move it, nourish it and love it...FIND JOY IN IT...and rely on HIM for the strength and vision to do all of it.


KJ has been on a journey to health since a little girl.  She is still on that journey.  She will always be on that journey.  She has found her passion by helping other women navigate the on again, off again diet mindset, and shifting to a focus on health.  To learn more about coaching with KJ, click here. 

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