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Discover a transformative group coaching experience for women following Trim Healthy, focused on restoring adaptability, movement, and routine!

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Make routines a priority!

Learn how to create effective routines that will impact your journey for the positive!

Learn about the importance of ADAPTING when it's hard.

Set clear, achievable wellness goals and find new, unique ways to adapt this journey to meet your needs.

See amazing progress in your MOVEMENT journey.

Join fun challenges to keep you moving.  We are giving away a Rebounder and a subscription to Tribe Healthy!

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5 Experienced Trim Healthy Coaches

Weekly Live Zoom 

Access to live cooking classes MONTHLY

Access to Exclusive Marco Polo Groups for an incredible level of community, support and friendship.

Daily Conversation Starters to keep your head in the game

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Weekly Education (must have access to YouTube to view)

Weekly Menu (must be able to access Google Docs and my education site)

Weekly Challenge

60 Second Smarty Pants educational bank

Weekly Gut Health Spotlight

Access to all past Zoom calls

$10 coupon to the THM Membership site (for new THM Membership Site Members only)

Tracking Tools

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For everyone who’s wanted to…

experience a transformative and holistic approach to health and wellness, Wholly Healthy with KJ is the answer. Join our group coaching experience designed specifically for women following the Trim Healthy lifestyle. Our theme for 2024 is RESTORE, focusing on Restoring Adaptability in April, Restoring Movement in May, and Restoring Routine in June. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and stagnant in your health journey, and say hello to a supportive community, expert guidance, and lasting results. Embrace the upcoming season as a time for rejuvenation and restoration with Wholly Healthy with KJ!

Join Wholly Healthy with KJ and Restore Your Wellness!

We know you're thinking "I'm too tired and lacking energy to fully participate in a group coaching experience." BUT!! We want you to know By focusing on restorative practices and making self-care a priority, you can increase your energy levels and find renewed vitality through Wholly Healthy with KJ.

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