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Living the Trim Healthy way is different.  It's about support, community and your WHOLE HEALTH.

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Sounds great KJ, but I've already tried it all...

Yeah, so had I...But it's different now.  If you've ever...

X Started on Monday, only to quit by Wednesday

X Tried a new diet on January 1 and moved on by January 14

X Wished you could just stick to SOMETHING that worked...anything...

Then watch this video...

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Wholly Healthy with KJ has helped over 1,000 women CHANGE. THEIR. LIVES.

Habits, patterns, routines...all of these can be changed.

This is Faith.

Trim Healthy has changed...and SAVED...her life!


I need in.

With Wholly Healthy Beginnings, learning the Trim Healthy way is easy as 1, 2, 3...

Learn the Why

Why Fuel Separation?

Learn the How

How do I successfully separate my fuels and make healthy food choices?

Get Support

Learn how to get support that brings you TRUE SUCCESS instead of constantly struggling to do this alone.

What people are saying..

"I was sick, diabetes was winning until I whispered a prayer last March and asked God for guidance. He led me back to THM and I knew then and there I needed to have a coach that’s when I found KJ York and a community of women I call sisters! My A1C at the start was 7 and I was on three medications all with horrible side affects, but with KJ and my sisters cheering me on as of last week my A1C is 5.8! I’ve lost 50 lbs and my diabetic doctor will start taking me off some of the medications. Having a coach made all the difference for me, I’ve 20 more pounds to get to my Queen weight but it’s all good Diabetes is on the run, I’ve found a way of preparing and eating a balanced low glycemic variety of nourishing foods and I’ve got a great coach in my corner showing me the way! God is Good!"

Wholly Healthy Beginnings is right for you if....

You've ever felt frustration in your health journey.

You've started and stopped a diet over and over.

You've ever felt completely no one else has these struggles.

Answers to your burning questions...


Wholly Healthy Beginnings

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  • Unmatched, self-paced education
  • Step by step instructions on building a healthy plate the Trim Healthy way
  • Printable resources
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