Better Late Than Never!

Oct 05, 2023
Hello! My apologies for being a day late! We are on vacation this week and I totally missed yesterday's blog! 
Today, I would like to say just a few words about a short but pertinent topic for me....
Beach swimsuit time.
As you may have guessed, I feel SUPER EXTREMELY self-conscious at the beach!  (Not as bad off season, when it isn't crowded) but always in the back of my mind is that feeling of dread stepping out in a swimsuit! Yikes!!!! DON'T LOOK!
This time, I have made it a point to just appreciate the beauty and vastness of the ocean that our awesome God created, and just be thankful. Not focusing on my usual "oh my goodness, I have to walk in front of people in my swimsuit!" kind of thing. (Fun times.)
I look so forward to beach trips, EXCEPT for that part, and it really can put a damper on  vacation things! Anyone else a "hider" like this gal??
Until next time....
Your super slowly improving friend,
OH BOY, was that me.  I used to wear shorts and a t-shirt.  I couldn't let anyone see me.  Guess what I wear now?  Yup.  A two piece.  Why?  Because I like it.  I think it looks good.  I don't care who else does.  I know I am a beautiful creation of a mighty King.  But you know what's even better? You are beautiful creation in a two piece, a hoodie, or a paper bag.  You are BEAUTIFUL, just like our king created you.
Love ya sis!