Finding Beauty in Ourselves- So NOT Easy for Some of Us.

Oct 11, 2023

My maternal grandmother, Miss Ruthie, or “Gram” (as we so lovingly called her) was a beautiful, smart, witty, hard-working woman. However, she never seemed to see much of the beauty in herself. She always looked years younger than her age and could do anything, it seemed. She had a lot of pain in her life but always kept everything “just so” and did more work than you could imagine, even though her knees gave her an awful time for most of her life. She never complained. She was tall and lean, which surprisingly made her more shy, even though she was absolutely gorgeous! She had four incredible children that I am so blessed to call my family: Jo, Debbie (my mama), Ronnie and Susan. They are all beautiful, witty and wonderful people, just like my Gram was!

 My mom was a lovely woman, as well. She was everything to me. She too, had very little self-confidence though, for a good part of her life. All of us ladies on my mom’s side of the family carry the trait of low self-confidence to some degree. I do believe it runs in families, for the most part. From our own perspective, we don’t seem to see why others feel badly about themselves, and yet we can so easily feel down about our own selves and find every flaw. Some of us want to hide or try to be or become someone else. I have always wanted to change sooooo many things about myself but the older I get the more I am gradually beginning to embrace more about me. I still have so very far to go. I sure owe a lot of my realization of the things I am proud of, though, to my amazing friend, KJ!

 Until next time-


    (My beautiful Gram "Ruthie" with my son Jules)



RESPONSE FROM KJ: of these days....I am DETERMINED you will see just what a GORGEOUS human being you are, inside and out.  If it's the last thing I do...