It's been a while...

Dec 06, 2023

I hope you all are doing well. Hard to believe it's almost Christmas time! 

I am posting about being proud today. Not in a self-centered kind of way, but proud because my sweet teenage son just took a huge step for himself in creating a YouTube for teens. He wanted to begin a daily devotional for the encouragement of those in his age range that may be struggling, alone or feeling hopeless. He has had his own grief, anxiety and low self-esteem struggles, very much (pretty much exactly) like me. I let fear of rejection, failure or being made fun of hold me back. He has stepped out of his comfort zone and decided, after much thought and worrying, to give this a go. He truly wants to help others by sharing God's love. He is also doing this in honor of my mom... his precious Nana. We miss her so. Especially at Christmas, her favorite time of year.

Today, he did something I could not have been brave enough to do when I was his age (almost 16.) Julian has a huge heart. I hope his words and daily videos will comfort other teens and that he will find great happiness reaching others this way.

My heart is filled with joy! I am so grateful to God that he helped Jules decide to use this opportunity. I am also so grateful to KJ for being such an inspiration to us in so many ways!!!!

Love and prayers for all.