Just a Note About Comparing Ourselves to Others...

Sep 27, 2023

 Seriously.... every day of my life I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Wishing I could be someone else, or wishing I had her legs, or her thin arms. Anything but what I've got. I think many people do this to some degree. I have recently, in my 40s, been trying to work my way out of this habit and focus more on just being grateful. It is a slow (man, is it slow) process, though. It is a terribly difficult habit to break. I try to frequently remind myself that God created me as ME. The way HE wanted me to be. I know this. Comparing ourselves to others is still one of the hardest things to avoid.

 It can hit me in an instant. Some days are worse than others. It isn't all about looks, by any means. It is everything imaginable. "I would love to do that BUT I am not nearly as smart as her" or " I wish I could go for it BUT I am afraid to, because I could never be as good." There's the ever popular "I would really like to go to that, BUT I wonder who will be there? I probably won't fit in or be as cool as everyone else there." That one has gotten me most often. (That last one may sound a tad bit high school, but YES, I still think those thoughts.) It's tough when you lack the confidence that is so needed to succeed in this world. Low self-confidence is a sure way to miss out on life. It can be exhausting. The worry that goes along with it wears you down, honey!

 I do have hope, though. Every day we get is another chance, after all. I am grateful for the fact that I still could possibly overcome this way of thinking I fell into long ago. Who knows? Maybe in one day I will fully just be myself and like it! I know that my friend KJ is a big part of that path to Joy!

Until next time,






The comparison monster has been a lifelong issue for me. I haven’t even fought against it. It’s been more like a battle buddy. I’ve embraced it. Actually, at times, thought it would encourage me to change. 

But what did it do? Steal my joy. Just like Theodore Roosevelt said it would. 

What does wishing a different body, brain, talent, etc get us? Anything expect what is waiting for us when we embrace the beauty God created in us!

Love ya sis!