Why the HECK Did I Do That??!!!

Sep 20, 2023

 Hello to any folks who chose to read this here blogeroo today! 

Have you ever apologized for something and knew it wasn't anything you actually needed to apologize for? I am definitely guilty of that. Ohhhhh so guilty. 

It just goes along with my insecurity. I often find myself saying "oh...I'm so sorry!" when it isn't my fault. Even the silliest little everyday things I know aren't my fault. As an example....someone in a store could totally jump in front of me in a long line and I would move over and say "Oh I am sorry I was in your way." Haha. It's automatic, and I can say it honestly makes me question myself all the time. "Why did I just apologize for that person being a jerk?" Maybe because I want so much to make sure people like me and no one thinks I did anything wrong? Maybe because I doubt myself so much that I really believe I did something wrong? Yes, it is a little kooky. Ridiculous, to be frank. (Not ridiculous to be "Frank." I am sure he is a cool dude.)

This may seem small and insignificant, but I wanted to mention it. (Oh..sorry, by the way, if it seems silly. Haha.) I have found that it can actually go the other way and make people think I really was in the wrong. Funny how that happens. It all comes down to believing in yourself.  I think I have doubted myself so long that it is an unnecessary habit that has become just part of my norm. It is just another one of the 12,874 things I desperately want to fix about this ol' gal on my journey as a weirdo. I know this post was short and sweet, however, it was on my mind recently, so I thought I would share. 

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Oh my gosh, YES!  I notice when people do this all the time and I always say "WELL, IT AIN'T YOUR FAULT!"  It's SUCH an easy habit to fall into, isn't it?

Honestly, I think it's part of humility...and there really isn't a lot wrong with being humble.  While we don't need to be door mats, being humble is a GOOD thing.  Apologizing when you don't need to, though, can also dilute our true, necessary apologies.  I think it also makes us feel less confident in ourselves and that is something that most of us on this journey, already lack...confidence.  You know what I think the ultimate cause is? We’re afraid of rejection and criticism, so we go out of our way to be accommodating.

There's some things you never need to apologize for:

  • Things you didn't actually do
  • Things that you have absolutely no control over.
  • Things that other people did
  • Have a question 
  • Having a need
  • What we look like
  • What we feeling like
  • Not knowing something

I think it's a good question to ask ourselves...even if it's after the apology.  Did I need to apologize for that?

So the next time you apologize to me unnecessarily, imma throw something at you;)

Sorry this was so long.

Oh, wait...